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FAQ and Testimonials 


T. Miller:

I was referred to Judy's Way by a friend during one of the worst times in my life. We had unexpectedly lost my 47 year old husband. I contacted Judy's Way and I felt like they really cared about what my family was going through. They were able to remove a huge burden from our family by paying the remainder of my husband's cremation costs. Now my children and I are able to remember good times with my husband instead of worrying how to pay a bill that was a constant reminder he's gone. I can not thank Judy's Way enough for this. In a time where I truly felt no good was left in this world, they were our hope. Thank you

Maya C.

I learned about Judys way from a COVID loss and grief group I am in and was so impressed to read of their personal story and their mission. I lost my beloved dad to COVID in 2020. I desperately needed grief counseling to process the loss and trauma I had gone through but as a single parent with no family support and already dealing with all the expenses involved in a death this was very hard for me to afford. Alex was immediately responsive to my email request for support and went about assessing the best way that their foundation could help. Within a very short span of time after discussing with their board Alex made arrangements to pay for four counseling sessions for me. In the midst of all the stress and overwhelm at this difficult time his Support, compassion and ease of communication was such a blessing. Very very grateful and Judy would be proud.

P. Tran

I found information on Judy’s Way on an online grief group I joined soon after the passing of my dad, due to Covid. Balancing the shock, grief, and logistics was so overwhelming and I just wanted to make sure my dad could rest easy as soon as possible so that our family could focus on remembering him and the grieving process. I reached out to Judy’s Way for help with our plans to secure a niche for my dad’s urn. They responded very quickly and was very kind and timely with their communication. Judy’s Way offered to help with a name plaque for my dad’s niche which meant the world to our family. It was very healing for me to have found a unique organization that was so quickly willing to help during a such a devastating time for our family.



Debra M:

On April 29, 2020, I lost my brother to COVID. I am no longer the person I was before that day. I used to have my life together, and multitasking came easy to me. That person died along with my brother. I struggle with focusing and concentrating, and nothing about me feels the same. My house has not been fully cleaned in months. Every time I start a task, it feels overwhelming, and I cannot complete it. Judy’s Way provided much-needed relief by covering the cost of a one-time full cleaning to get me caught up. Now I feel the burden of the housework has been relieved, and I can keep up with it now. I used to feel ashamed to ask for help; now, I realize it is healthy to ask. I am very grateful to Judy’s children for sharing her love and generosity with me. Thank you so much for helping me through this challenging time. When I pull myself together, I will pay it forward. 


How does Judy's Way help applicants?

Judy's Way helps applicants in a variety of ways, specifically through the funding of funeral expenses (burial, cremation, memory/celebration of life services) and essential services for grieving families. Essential services include, meal plans, house cleaning, and counseling/therapy. All essential services are arranged by Judy's Way. We also can help arrange funeral services.

If you don't qualify financially, what can Judys way provide? 

Judy's Way helps economically challenged families, however, if you don't fall into the financial criteria, we can still support you in other ways, i.e. help finding counseling, books recommendations, redirecting you to other nonprofits we know, and through our support group.

How do we determine who to help?

Families who have a combined household income of $49,999 or less are eligible for funerary expense assistance. 

Am I eligible for aid? 

Everyone is eligible for aid of some sorthowever, our focus is to help families struggling financially with their funerary expenses. If you're in need or struggling--please reach out to us. 

Is Judy's Way recognized by the IRS as tax exempt?

Yes, Judy's Way Incorporated is a 501(c)3 fully tax exempt nonprofit.

Does Judy's Way give money directly to applicants? 

No, Judy's Way pays the service provider directly. We have not and will not send any form of payment to applicants directly. 

Who is Judy? 

Judy is the mother of Co-CEO's, Alex and Colin Plaumann. Judy Passed away suddenly in April 2020. Judy's Way was created to honor Judy, and the selfless love and care she showed the world around her everyday. 

How quickly can I except to hear back from you when I apply?

We will reply back within a week of every submission or inquiry, if you have not heard back within a week, please email,

lost my loved one a year ago, am I still eligible for help?

You may be. Every situation is different and grief is never ending, so if you're still in need please reach out to us. However, our focus is helping people shortly after the loss of their loved one with funeral expenses and within 6 months after initial loss. 

Does it matter how my loved one passed away? 

No, we help any and all people who have experienced loss. Please reach out to us if you're in need of help. 


When we seek help, people are there to help. But you have to take the first step and ask for it. 

-Angie Ridings

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