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How to Find the Right Counseling Help for You

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


We are not experts in mental health, we are people just like you attempting to navigate the murky waters of grief. Seek out a professional service that suits your needs to cope with the life altering, all consuming loss of a loved one. The best decisions are informed ones. Start your journey by reading these articles that explore the avenues you can take to pursue help; discover someone who will simply listen or get acquainted with the most trusted digital counselors and accredited therapists.

This NY Times article provides three great online therapy recommendations, Amwell, MDLive, and Dr.Ondemand. All three online therapy services are accredited by the American Telemedicine Association--this helps to ensure you're provided with quality help while keeping your information safe. You can't go wrong with either three--it's a great place to start because it takes away the stress of leaving home and allows you to get help comfortably and timely.

Very Well Mind, lays out their top 7 best online grief support groups in 7 different categories. Here at Judy's Way we can help you pay for your funeral expenses--but we also want you to find groups, counseling, and comfortable within others who have gone through loss. We recognize that grief groups have great value and we found this list to provide some very good groups to look into joining.

This short article from, Good Therapy, provides concise and clear information about the value of getting help while grieving. Their 5 step self care guide for grief is recommended to take a look at. While grieving, it's easy to let go of the desire to care for yourself, but this article provides some helpful self care tips for grief.

Psychology Today published this article that has a more scientific approach to grief that may be more helpful to those trying to understand the scientific impact grief can have on humans. This article is an interview with, Lara Krawchuk, a grief expert and founder of Healing Concepts, LLC, an organization that offers online counseling and more. This is a very informative article and may be beneficial for people looking for a slightly different take on grieving.

This list gives you more support organizations to look into, and is helpful for those who want help for their specfic form of grief. Organizations like, Peds Aids Foundation, Bereaved Parents of the USA, Pregnancy and Infant loss Center, and more. Becoming apart of a group or getting hep from an organization that specializes in your specific loss can be very helpful.

After Talk also has a very detailed and long list of grief organizations that maybe helpful. I recommended scrolling through this list to see if there are more organizations that can help you, or specific groups that have gone through a similar loss of a loved one.

We do not have all the answers. Please comment on this article with other helpful tools to find counseling or therapy, or share what has worked best for you.

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